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The rubbing of boobs continued for some time

A couple of my friends together with my girlfriend had been to a place called Shimla to spend our holiday. Because of a landslide we couldn’t return so we had to stay there for a few more days. We stayed in a hut holiday camp. Because there were too many of us and we were running out of cash, I slept with my girlfriend, with two others girls in another bed and a guy in the floor. The room wasnt big and any kind of sound produced could be fairly noticed. As I slept with my girl I kissed her then I gently rubbed her boobs. The rubbing of boobs continued for some time. And then I sucked her nipples. I felt her back and when I went down to open her pants she resisted. But I still put my hands inside her pants. I couldn’t feel her pussy, but I kept rubbing her there, and she reached across and began to feel my cock. Then our breathing went faster and louder, but we had to maintain silence. It was a great experience.

The very first time I had sex was with my cousin’s friend. We were home alone and I was watching xxx movies on my PC. Suddenly she came to my room and she was wet I suppose that time. She touched my head and shoulder like she had never touched. I can now better understand that what she want. Her name is EscortFox. She is too sexy. I put her to bathroom, the fountain was on and I started putting her clothes off and she was doing the same with me. After a while we were nude totally, then we came to my bedroom and she was below me and was sucking my dick very efficiently making me more tight. After a while I felt her on the bed and I smelled her pussy. She was 16 that time and her pussy was really very red. I told her that I’m give up with the blood from her pussy, as I started the real thing. She began to cry loud and louder. She enjoyed it. She said it was one of the best experiences she ever had in her life. We do it regularly as we got a chance. I have to masturbate now.