Legal counselling

What do we offer?

Individual legal counselling and assistance in the widest range of legal areas with primary emphasis on human and civic rights, family law and labour law.

Individual legal counselling not related to the above mentioned legal areas, mainly in cases of negative experience with other type of legal counselling (e.g. with an attorney).

In cases of other legal areas it will mainly be providing consultation and directing the client (based on the gravity of the issue) to suitable or necessary legal help.

However, if you have a problem not mentioned above, don't be discouraged. We will be glad to help you also in other life situation and with other problems.


A meeting can be arranged via phone or e-mail.

If you require a consultation and you are able to define your problem, it is appropriate to contact us in advance via an e-mail so the meeting can be purposefully prepared. You may be required to prepare relevant documents for the personal consultation.

If you can't define your problem, if you need an advice, if you don't know whom turn to, if it concerns, for examples, public offices, institutions, legal services, to find direction, to fill out a form or to find out, what to do next, you can come whenever during the consultation hours. However, in this case it is possible that the problem couldn't be finally solved on the spot. In that case you will receive a preliminary recommendation, first possibilities how to solve the problem at hand and later I will find a date of future consultation with you or we will agree on other convenient procedure.

If a personal meeting is not convenient for you, if you rather express yourself in writing of you just don't have the time to visit the centre, send an e-mail. It is useful to define your problem in as much details as possible. Maybe even trivial information may be important for me. I will contact you and we will solve the problem together.

The problem may exceed the scope of consultations provided by the centre. In that case I will try to help you, direct you to relevant authorities or institutions or we will try to find you a suitable lawyer or free legal assistance.

Advice for clients: Legal assistance provided in the Q-centrum is a recommended procedure for the client and neither the Q-centrum nor the lawyer are responsible for the final solution of the problem. It is due to fact that it is not a legal assistance of an attorney, insured in his activity and guiding the client from the beginning on the basis of a power of attorney. It is up to the client to choose how to solve his or her problem whereas neither the Q-centrum nor the lawyer have any impact on his or her free choice.


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