Psychological counselling

What do we offer?

Help with tackling specific issues in the live, which you don't know how to solve and you feel you are on your own:

  • coming-out, understanding and accepting your sexual orientation and gender identity,
  • homophobia in you, your family, your neighbourhood,
  • fear, anxiety, concerns, feelings of anger,
  • disturbed partnership relations, solitude.

Work on personal growth:

  • knowledge of own experiencing and values, real self-image, exploring of own potential for solving difficult life situations.

Help to close ones and relatives of LGBT people with:

  • better understanding and acceptance of sexual orientation or gender identity of their children, parents and close ones.

If you have a problem not mentioned above, don't be discouraged. We will be glad to help you also in other life situation and with other problems.


Within the psychological counselling we provide mainly counselling in individual form, in person, via a visit of the Q-centrum of via phone or e-mail.

Providing psychological services is and always was connected with personal visit that has its indisputable benefits in counselling work with a person. The psychologist and the client transmit and receive lot of non-verbal signals that in many cases refer to important information behind the words. The psychologist then gives feedback not only to what he or she hears from the client, but also to what he or she sees. At the same time an unique relationship between the counsellor and the client that is an important efficiency factor of the counselling process, is being created in a personal meeting.

If you need individual counselling, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance via phone or e-mail. So far we have only one psychologists so this is how we want to prevent your disappointment from coming and not having capacity for you. If you contact us in advance, you will be assured that the psychologist will be there at the agreed date for you. If you can't come in person for any reason, whether due to distance or you simply prefer more anonymity, you can use our on-line advisory centre or the phone helpline. You are not limited by capacity in this so-called distance form of counsel. People also tend to be less shy, written text (in case of an e-mail) offers more time to formulate the problem.

Whether you choose to meet me in person in the centre, the helpline or you choose to write me an email about what bothers you, I would be always glad to hear you out and to together with you I will try to understand. Because I honestly believe that everyone has strength within but they maybe just have lost it for a moment somewhere along the road.


You can make an appointment with our first contact employee:

Call Monday to Thursday
from 09:00 to 17:00

Advise by

Mgr. Katy Franeková