Social counselling

What do we offer?

First contact with the client - within the first contact we map together with the client his or her needs and we discuss possible solutions.

Providing crisis intervention - it is mainly providing support and help in heavy load life situations when the client is unable to cope on their own and he or she needs immediate professional assistance. It often concerns situations that are perceived as "unsolvable".

Providing company or social assistance - providing company to the client to other institutions, organisations (e.g. public offices, medical facilities) or to other professional, assistance with getting papers, documents, acquiring necessary social competences, assistance with getting informed in the network of institutions.

Education and prevention - raising the client's awareness about their rights and possibilities of asserting themselves.

Drafting up various applications - e.g. for the court, the Police, local Offices of labour, social affairs and family, and so on.

If you have a problem not mentioned above, don't be discouraged. We will be glad to help you also in other life situation and with other problems.

We provide social counselling especially on issues as:

  • Gender reassignment - information and preparation for the surgery, assistance in medical visits, help with getting new papers or in their change
  • Questions and problems related to coming-out
  • Labour law counselling - assistance with finding a job, counselling in case of discrimination in the workplace, help with drafting a CV etc.
  • Counselling with regard to family law - divorce, breakup with the partner, adjustment of rights and obligations to underage children or children of age, alimony, etc.
  • Information about state benefits or other financial assistance
  • Counselling with regard to partner violence
  • Counselling and help after rape or other sexual violence
  • Medical counselling with regard to sexually transmitted infections and safer sex
  • Counselling with regard to discrimination, homophobia, bullying


Within the social counselling we provide mainly counselling in individual form, in person, via a visit of the Q-centrum of via phone or e-mail.

If you need help, it is appropriate to arrange with us in advance via an e-mail so the meeting can be purposefully prepared. You may be required to prepare relevant documents for the personal consultation.

If you can't define your problem, if you need an advice, if you don't know whom turn to, if it concerns, for examples, public offices, institutions, legal services, to find direction, to fill out a form or to find out, what to do next, you can come whenever during the consultation hours. However, in this case it is possible that the problem couldn't be finally solved on the spot. In that case you will receive a preliminary recommendation, first possibilities how to solve the problem at hand and later I will find a date of future consultation with you or we will agree on other convenient procedure.

If a personal meeting is not convenient for you, if you rather express yourself in writing of you just don't have the time to visit the centre, send an e-mail. It is useful to define your problem in as much details as possible. Maybe even a trivial information may be important for me. I will contact you and we will solve the problem together.

The problem may exceed the scope of consultations provided by the centre, in that case I will try to help you, direct you to relevant authorities or institutions or we will try to find you a suitable social worker of other necessary assistance.

Advice for clients: Social assistance provided in the Q-centrum is a recommended procedure for the client and neither the Q-centrum nor the social worker are responsible for the final solution of the problem. It is up to the client to choose how to solve his or her problem whereas neither the Q-centrum nor the social worker have any impact on his or her free choice.


You can make an appointment with our first contact employee:

Mgr. Zuzana Jankechová
Phone: +421 948 287 983

Call Monday to Thursday
from 10:00 to 16:00