Support us

Financial contribution

Q-centrum provides a wide variety of services and opportunities. We try to create for you and provide you with the best we have - professional human resources and time. However, our financial resources are limited by time and budget. We firmly believe that we will keep the Q-centrum functioning and alive for years, not only months. Therefore we would like to ask you this way for a contribution or other financial or material assistance. You can do that either by a financial donation or by assigning 2% from the tax to the civic association Queer Leaders Forum. Thank you!

Our IBAN: SK77 7500 0000 0040 0766 2494

Material equipment

At present, Q-centrum doesn't have resources for further equipment of its spaces. If you have at home redundant armchairs, sofas and other comfy things for sitting or laying down, we would gladly take care of them. The LGBT library's ambition is to expend by as many shelves as possible - have you finished reading and do you want to give the opportunity to others? Bring the books to us. Any office material, stationery, cleaning stuff will help us, we are not against pot flowers, decorations or other garnish. We want you to feel at home here! :)

Voluntary work

Q-centrum is open for all people of creative and good ideas. Do you want to host a cultural event, movie screening or to promote your garage band? Join us and we will provide you with space! But we also need voluntary capacities for day-to-day operation of the Q-centrum - for smaller administrative works, for sport activities such as moving and transporting of things and we either won't turn down skilled girls and boys that could help us occasionally with repairs and such.


Thru PayPal

You can also make a donation by PayPal online payment system. Only your credit card is needed. Thank you!

All financial contributions to the bank account of civic association QLF are managed by policies of proper management, in line with the law of SR and can be use only and exclusively on activities connected with the fulfillment of goals and vision of the association.